Energy Healing

    Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Intention - to tune into the needs of your body's energies; to offer release, balance,
nourishment, and restoration of natural flow and vitality.

Private Sessions: Offered in Tallahassee, Florida year-round and in Phoenix, Arizona quarterly. Although sessions vary, a typical session includes discussion of your needs, table work (about half of our time together), and suggestions for home care.

  • Table work may include relaxation techniques, energy/muscle testing, holding of acupressure points, meridians, and chakras with the intention of balancing energies.
  • Session work can be done lying on a table (fully clothed), sitting, or standing.
  • Home care involves energetic exercises to do on your own to promote wellness & flow.

Distance Sessions: For clients who live far from Florida and/or are unable to travel to a session, I offer remote healing sessions. In distance sessions, the connection with the client is primarily energetic rather than physical and the session takes place on the phone (or on Skype for clients outside the U.S.). The rates for these sessions are the same as regular private sessions. Sessions vary based on client needs, but often include:

  • 10-15 minute overview of your needs and intentions
  • 20 minutes to scan, assess, and clear energies
  • 20 minutes of focal work on presenting issues
  • 5-10 minute closing integration & relaxation to ground the newly balanced energies

Client Preparation Before a Distance Session:
  • Choose a safe, quiet space where you can recline comfortably, free from interruptions, with a warm blanket nearby if needed.
  • Hydrate well and have water within reach (it helps energy move).
  • Have a headset if possible or something that allows you to relax fully with your hands free.

Confidentiality: Our work together is your information to share with others or to hold private. With the exception of specific safety situations (listed in the disclosure statement), I will not discuss our work or the details of your health/personal life with others.

Session Rates:

  • Single session, $100 per hour
  • 3 session series, paid at the time of the first session, $275
  • 7 session series, paid at the time of the first session, $600

For session series, I recommend scheduling weekly or every other week - this helps support integration of energetic change and flow. Shorter sessions are available for children under 16.

Foundations Classes
For those who are interested in an intensive study of Energy Medicine and/or possible certification as a practitioner, I offer EEM Foundations classes here in Tallahassee (or in nearby cities, if requested). The curriculum is developed by Donna Eden and includes study of the daily routine, chakras, meridians, auric field, and other energy systems. Classes are offered Thurs-Sun once each quarter and must be taken in sequence. Classes include lecture, small group time for practice, as well as question and answer sessions. Each class is designed to provide you with skills for working with the body's energies to promote physical and emotional well-being. After each class, students are required to complete a written competency and a physical demonstration of the material learned. This can be an intense experience, and doing energy work in a group can be taxing. If you have challenges with severe, persistent physical or mental health issues, please take this into account before registering.

Feel free to contact me with any questions - I look forward to working with you!

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